Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Projects Completed in 2014

In order of completion. Click on the text for related blog posts.

Rainbow Cowl - Ravellenic Games Project

First Spun Yarn - Ravellenic Games Project

Rainbow Hat - Ravellenic Games Project

Shamrock Wool/Angora Dyeing  - Ravellenic Games Project

Blue and White Bibs - Ravellenic Games Project

Oma Sayings Band - Ravellenic Games Project

Faux Argyle Socks

Fleurette Cardi

Multi Color Alpaca/Wool Dyeing

Skirt Purse

Little Sister's Dress

Red & Gold Bib Set


Baby Bowl

Jumbled Library Quilt

Cashmere Brioche Cowl

Wool-Aid Socks 1

Enchanted Mesa

Messenger Bag Revival

County Fair Raffle Quilt Block

Big T Quilt

Dutch Travel Socks

Wool-Aid Socks 2

Tulip Fields Socks

Wool-Aid Socks 3

First Plied Yarn

Ombre Yarneater

Cashmere Baby Hat

Tardis Toes

Wool-Aids Socks 4

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