Monday, December 31, 2007

Projects Completed in 2007 and Earlier

Projects I have records of from before 2008. Text links to related blog posts unless noted otherwise.

Dad's Vest of Many Colours (Ravelry page) 1996

Waistcoat (Ravelry page) 2000

Michael Kors Fair Isle Pullover (Ravelry page) sometime 2000-2006

Mother's Day Quilt ( album) 2003

Paper Pieced Maple Leaf Pillow 2003

Elephant Wall Hanging ( album) 2003

Dad's Last Quilt ( album) 2004

Bob and Weave Shawl (Ravelry page) 2006

Wedding Purses (Ravelry page) 2006

Tychus Hat and Danica Scarf (Ravelry page) 2006

Patricia's Wedding Quilt ( album) 2006

Fibonacci Quilt 2007

Pink Toddler Quilt 2007

Christmas postcard 2007

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