Monday, December 31, 2018

Projects Completed in 2018

In order of completion. Click on the text for related blog posts unless noted otherwise.

Wool-Aid Socks 14 (Ravelry page)

My Sister's Shawl (MKAL)

Wool-Aid Socks 15 (Ravelry page)

Wool-Aid Hat 3 (Ravelry page)

Wool-Aid Hat 4 (Ravelry page)

Star Light, Diamond Bright Quilt

Mug Rug for Ravelry Swap

Stamped Rings (Instagram post)

Watercolour Roses Quilt

Vogue Brioche Cowl/Skirt

Celestarium Shawl

Wool-Aid Vest 1

Wool-Aid Socks 16 (Ravelry page)

Wool-Aid Socks 17 (Ravelry page)

Hasukai Cowl

True Hope Cowl

Telja on the Hudson Bay

Insulate Gloves (Ravelry page)

Thread the Needle cowl (Ravelry page)

Blooming Brioche Shawl KAL

Scott Pilgrim Hat

Dobby Sock Bookmarks

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