Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Scott Pilgrim vs the Cold

More Christmas knitting to catch up on.

I asked my sister if she had any suggestions of gifts for her daughter. She gave a few ideas and made a comment that her daughter was completely into this little quirky movie "Scott Pilgrim vs the World".

While on Ravelry one day soon after, I thought I'd just search "Scott Pilgrim" because you never know what may turn up. It's amazing what kind of "tributes" knitters can come up with when they love something.

Well, what turned up was the pattern for the hat that the title character wears in the movie.
Picture from Ravelry pattern page.
The pattern was written by the person who knit all the hats for the movie (all six of them). That's pretty cool, right?

I had some brown in the right shade left over from the dress I knit another niece. And I had some blue that was pretty close left over from a sweater.
I got worried that I was going to run out of the brown yarn, so I found some in a Ravelry stash and bought it. I figured I should get two skeins but since there were three in the stash, I just bought all three. I ended up using one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The hat is worked in the round and is a pretty simple pattern of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch stripes. What makes it stand out is the rolled brim and long length and pouchiness at the back.
I didn't think about it when I started, but I have a history of knitting things for this niece. (In a previous year I knit her some Tardis socks.) She got a Dobby sock bookmark too. After the gifts were wrapped but before she opened them, I got a little worried that she would prefer something from a store and not more stuff made by her crazy knitting aunt.
But it doesn't look like she minded! :)
Project Stats
: 10 Nov ‘18
Finished: 2 Dec ‘18
Pattern: Scott Pilgrim Hat (The Original Costume Pattern) by Lulu Bee
Materials: Knit Picks Swish DK, 24633 Bark (90 g) and 24053 Dusk (don't know how much...I didn't weigh the hat before I wrapped it!), mostly leftovers from other projects.

Special thanks to my niece who not only let her mom take pictures but let me post them here!

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