Monday, August 2, 2021

Fair Results 2021

The first day of the fair was today and I went to find out how my entries did. And lucky for those who are impatient, it looks like I'll manage to post them the same day!

In the same order I showed them in the last post:


Pullover: Second place

There were two entries in this category. The other is shown below and you can see it was chosen for grand champion as well.

Vest or Shell: First place

There was at least one other entry in this category, if you're wondering.
Socks: Second place

They were right beside each other, so I showed the first place entry in the same picture. I'm guessing the strips put it on top.
Any other-cowl: no place

Apparently the judges were not impressed with the double knitting. I did not take the time to try and figure out what else was in this category. It can be a real hodge podge!

Pullover: First place

Not to rain on my own parade, but pretty sure this was the only entry; but at least it was appreciated enough to get a ribbon. (A ribbon does not have to be awarded even if there is only one entry.)

Full/Queen/King-machine quilted-pieced: Second place

I didn't get to see this being judged and I didn't confirm which quilt was first, but I think it was the one that was chosen grand champion, which is a killer quilt (I'll post it later with pictures of the other quilts), and just my bad luck to enter the same year.

I think at least one of the judges agreed because I saw this note on my card. They don't normally leave notes or feedback so this was a deliberate choice.

Meanwhile, my sister and I can keep up the joke from how my lace coat did, summing up something's worth with a facetious: "good enough for second place at the fair." :)
Twin-pieced: no place

There were at least five in this category. I saw the tail end of the judging, but not specific comments on this quilt. There aren't a lot of scrap quilt entries so I'm not sure they are appreciated. Even so, I'm not trying to imply that the ones that were awarded ribbons didn't deserve them.
Wall hanging (180 inch perimeter and smaller)-Pieced: First place

This was an honest win: there are usually quite a number of wall hangings. Again, I didn't search out its direct competition so I can't show any for comparison. (The ones it's hanging with here are table runners--different category.)
Mini quilts (96 inch perimeter and smaller): Third place

Mine is the blue and yellow on the left. The red and white one beside it would have been in the same category.
Any other quilted article not listed: First place

I don't know what it was up against, but I'm happy with that!! :)

Color: abstract: First place

Pretty sure there were only two pictures in this category, so not much competition.

I could not find this picture when they were put out for display after judging. Looked and looked. When Troy went with me today, I had him look. When I met the superintendent and mentioned it was missing, she looked and looked. I suggested it might be behind another picture because they put double layers on the shelves to hold them all before judging. She really didn't think that could be it, but she looked and found it...behind another picture. So now it's out and my mind can stop dwelling on it.

Black & White: head or figure: Second place

A lot more competition in this category. (There always is. People like taking pictures of people! :)

I wasn't happy with how it was printed; I think the dark side is too dark. But maybe changing that would have blown out the light side, so maybe it needs some touch up work done.

So there you go: 12 entries, 10 ribbons, 1 comment from the judge, and a lost picture found.

May I suggest?

I Say! or at least I did once...