Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Projects Completed in 2013

In order of completion. Click on the text for related blog posts.

Citrus Slippers

Bulky Cashmere Cable Vest

Mock Monkey Socks

Bias Corrugated Scarf

(Not So) Lacy Underthing

AIDS Walk Hat

Double Sole Slippers

Jeans Skirt

Agate Socks

Lace Coat

Gold/Blue Band

NHH Tshirt Quilt

Scarpetta in Two Toshes

Cabbage Patch Hair Hats

Red Purl Bag Handles

Anniversary Socks

Lace Tunic

Elephant Socks

Jeweled Cowl

Silk Stripes Sweater

Nine Dwindling Cables Hat

Ziggy Cowl and Hat

Miss Peggy's Cowl and Hat

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