Saturday, January 19, 2013

Citrus Slippers

They are finished!
New slippers for my feet.
I find the lemon and lime colours of Phentex very cheery.
Yes, I write about new slippers relatively often. Unfortunately they are a "consumable" knit. I wear them often and wear them out!
The design is one that my grandmother use to do from memory. I found a Finish pattern and managed to figure it out and write up an English version.
Last time I needed slippers, my sister kindly made a pair from the same pattern. But this time I thought I should take care of my own feet!

Project Stats
: 6 Jan '13
Finished: 19 Jan '13
Pattern: 8 square sock by Käspaikka
Materials: Phentex Slipper and Craft yarn (yellow and grass) $5.38

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  1. I have not been able to translate this pattern. Would you share your english version possibly?


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