Friday, January 4, 2013

Ready to Go!

I wasn't particularly excited about a car trip this weekend (although I wanted to go), and then I knitting!! So tonight I set out to be prepared.

First, I wound two balls of lace for the lace coat:
Don't tell anyone, but I'm not going to swatch. I'm usually close on gauge and to do an accurate gauge swatch would require so many stitches, I may as well get the coat started. I'm not afraid of ripping back if it becomes necessary.

I wound two balls because part of the pattern needs to be worked double stranded. I decided if there is any colour difference between balls it would be safer to work with two balls than to work from two ends of the same ball and then have a sudden change when I had to start a new ball.

I've printed the corrected charts from the Vogue Knitting website (advantage of not being the first one to knit the pattern), have my new cable needles, and should be set to go.

I also have my vest ready for some new work. I have ripped out and reknit the back. It is looking much better:
Next I'll continue the front. Since it has a single fairly simple cable, I expect it will go pretty quickly and hopefully without incident. Of course, there's always more shaping with the neckline in the front, but nothing that should slow me down.

And for the times when I don't feel up to thinking, charting, or keeping track of where I am in a pattern, I can continue on my bias scarf:
It's coming along nicely. I wondered if the gauge is a little tight, but I think blocking will loosen it up enough. If not, it's alright.

And just in case, I'll throw in these socks too. (You never know.)

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