Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Masterpiece Quilt

This is what I am dubbing my current quilt project, Judy Niemeyer's Hawaiian Quilt, a paper pieced wonder. I've changed the colours substantially. My sister, Kim, drove 14 hours to spend a couple days and help me pick the fabric out. I always appreciate how well we work together on these things. She was very gracious in putting her desires for fabric aside and concentrating on my needs. (And I suspect she does enjoy spending my money more than her own!)

I've joined a monthly club at the LQS to help me keep on task with this project. We met for the first time last week and it was a good way to get started. Lots of tips and encouragement. The shop owner/instructor has made the Hawaiian Quilt and one of Judy's other designs, the Dragon Star. I have three "units" to finish by next time.

I got a good start on the cutting, and have started piecing what Niemeyer calls the "corner spikes" unit.
Despite appearances, the blues and greens in these two units are the same fabrics.

I need to make eight of these in total, four red and four pink. It's going pretty well, although I'm having some trouble keeping the larger pieces really flat. Some of my seams will definitely have the dreaded folds of fabric. (Can I really keep calling it my "masterpiece" then? Hmmm...)

All day now I am thinking, "Why am I doing this when I could be quilting?" But I guess I still do need to go to work, eat, sleep, etc...

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