Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hallowe'en Fun

I don't usually get very into Hallowe'en. I'm a little conflicted about the whole encouraging witches and goblins (or making light of evil in the world) and I have a problem with giving out candy to kids who have so much they're fussy about what they get. (I guess I just like to feel appreciated.) And like so many things, it just seems to have gotten so excessive.

But after all that, it can still be a fun time. My small group usually gets together with a few of us giving in to the pressure to dress up. When I get a good idea (or just an idea I like), I usually run with it. I had fun last year pretending to join the ranks of breeders out there:
Those of you who know me best will most appreciate why this is so funny. And it was a fun night of acting very very pregnant. (Not so appreciated by those who were actually breeding at the time.)

This year I went a little more minimal. I've caught a few episodes of My Name is Earl lately and I have to say I just love Joy. Jaime Pressly is simply brilliant. While watching the episode where her toe gets infected from the hot tub Earl picked up from the side of the road, I noticed just how much she likes pompoms and the like in her hair. Thus was conceived the Joy Pompom Hairband Costume:

Just add big hair (which I don't have) and lots of thick yet flawless makeup, some tight clothes and a lot of attitude and you're there! I wish I could do a better imitation of her voice and accent but I really stink at it.

I needed to bring dessert for the party, so besides the obligatory fall apple pie, I also made up some shortbread witches fingers that I saw on Create TV's The Holiday Table. Completely fun, adult, and edible too.

A whole sheetful ready to bake:

And a plate to serve:
The wart was a brilliant last moment thought just in time to add it to the final finger. The red blood decorator gel was listed as optional on the recipe but it was definitely necessary. All my almonds were falling off, but with the gel they were quite secure.

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