Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Caps for a Cure October

I haven't been in the Caps for a Cure group very long, but I outdid myself this month: two kids hats and three adult hats.

The kids hats were described under my favourite kids hat.

For the adult hat, I did two similar versions of Catherine Lindsay's Durango:

It was a fun crochet project (I don't say that very often), I learned a bit about following patterns in crochet, and I learned a new crochet stitch. I got the buttons from my stash of old buttons I've carried with me forever.

And the last one I did was the Amanda by Gina House. I actually suggested this one to the group and then didn't make it til the very end of the month! The yarn I chose unfortunately did not show off the very nice lace pattern, but the hat turned out nice anyway.
I made a few modifications including starting the decreases in the second lace panel because the hat was getting too long. And then I finished the decreases in garter instead of stocking.

I got all the hats sent off yesterday (Nov 6), so just a touch late but still in time that they should arrive by the deadline of the 15th.

Spurred on by that success, I've already started one for the Nov/Dec cycle and it is going very fast. Having an evening seminar this week that I could knit through certainly helped. The Foliage by Emilee Mooney from had caught my eye in the past, and I'm so happy I have the excuse to make it. (Because there are only so many hats I need, but Caps for a Cure can use as many as I can make!)

Next up I need to catch up on some quilting for my class a week from this Saturday (I only have 5 of the "corner spike" units done) and knit some gifts up.

Keep your needles clacking,

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