Friday, November 7, 2008

Persistence Counts

Subtitle: adventures in fabric shopping

One of the fabrics I used for my Hawaiian Star quilt had light and dark strips in the color and I wanted to use just the dark part of the fabric. So instead of 1 yard called for by the pattern, I bought 1.5. I debated about buying 2, but went with 1.5 instead. And you know what's coming...I cut out the pieces and needed just one more bit of fabric to cut out the last piece!

Well, that's alright...I'll just go to the LQS where I bought it and get the 1/2 yard I should have bought in the first place. Only, when I get there, the lady can't find it and says they must be out. She does go as far as looking on their computer, but confirms that they are sold out and not ordering any more. That I thank her for her help and go back to work to look for it online.

For whatever perverse reason, I decide to look at the website of the LQS where I just was. They have it listed and the minimum purchase is just 1/2 yard. I decide to order it just so that they can look for it and really know whether they have it or their website inventory is wrong. But I can't quite make myself pay for shipping--I work just around the corner from the LQS. So I call the store, get a different employee and explain the situation. With the item number from the website, the new employee finds the fabric in about 2 minutes and says, Yes, they have 12 yards of it, how much do I want? Well, that's a different story.
I'm able to run back to the store (like I said, I work real close) and get the fabric. The first woman who helped is the one who runs my purchase through the till. She apologizes profusely and has plenty of excuses of why she couldn't find it. I assure her it's fine, but she really is full of excuses. But then she asks for my discount card and whispers, I'll give you an extra stamp for your time... ::grin:: I'll take it.

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