Monday, November 24, 2008

What's on my Needles

Like a good girl, I spent some time getting things organized the other night so I again have a few projects to take with me to knit at lunch breaks, meetings, and waiting for tellers at the bank drive throughs.

First, my travelling slippers. I finished the sole and top of one slipper and sewed the parts together just to make sure my alterations worked before I committed all the work of the second slipper. I then I weighed the assembled slipper and the left over yarn just to make sure I had enough yarn to do the second one. I do! (yeah!)
I still have to knit around the top of the slipper, but I'll wait until the second one is done to again make sure I have enough wool. If not, I'll do that in another colour. (This was the last skein of this colour at the LYS.)

Next is the Hat Fit for a Boyfriend that I am actually making for my BIL (hoping he isn't reading this of course!). I made it out of dreamy Malabrigo (worsted weight). I'll try not to wax on for hours but the stuff really is dreamy; soft; squishy (in a good way); warm; lovely...well you get the idea. It is 100% wool, but those of you who think wool is "itchy" have no idea. It is gorgeous to the touch.
The pattern is also simple and genius. Although this pic does not show it off, the decreases are done in the best possible way. Each column of knitting drops out in orderly fashion, exactly when it is supposed to. If you follow the link to the pattern, you'll see what I mean [third pic].

I did not calculate how much yarn I need correctly and bought two skeins when I only need one (less than one) to complete the hat--even in the longer length. So even though you see a picture of a completed hat, I DO have this on my needles because my hubby wants one now too. And I am only too happy to have an excuse to work with this wool some more. It just glides over the fingers so silkily...oh I go again...

And yes again: because the next project is something for me in the dreamy Malabrigo. I found a good shade of red (which does not photography true) for a scarf to perk up my utterly boring new dark grey winter coat.
The pattern is another brilliant piece of work. It is knit from the bottom up on both sides (in two pieces) and then joined at the back center with a seam. I will use the Kitchener Stitch so that it will in effect be seamless; you will only be able to notice where the pattern "flips." (Now I'm really setting the bar for myself, aren't I?!)

I'm planning to make the scarf shorter than the pattern calls for and am just going to make is as long as one skein will get me. I got a little carried away with the first half and knit it past half way through the ball. (Again, I just weighed the two parts to decide whether I was past half.) So I started the second half with the other end of the ball and I'll see how far I get. Worst case, I undo some part of the first half OR my two halves are not quite the same length. (I'm mean, really, it's not only worn at the back of my neck, it'll probably be under my coat!)

All for now,

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