Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quilting Continues

So I went to the second club meeting last Saturday for my Hawaiian Star quilt. I did a little "cram" preparation the night before and got the central compass star sections done. Here they are laid out in position:
I'm not convinced by the black and may change it to one of the greens. But I'll wait til I have more sections done so I can see them together. Perhaps by then I won't even care!...It was fun to see how far the others in the club had gotten. There are 7 in the class (4 doing the Hawaiian Star and 3 doing the same designer's Dragon Star), and progress varied from only bought the fabric and hadn't even started cutting all the way to the one woman who had finished her quilt top!! Yeah, she got some grief about that! It was a lovely version of the Dragon Star in fabrics she (not the designer) chose. But the rest of us will keep plugging on. The club meets over 7 months so why would you want to get it down in the first month? No fun, if you ask me.

The teacher demonstrated the technique for the Lone Star sections and the Circling Geese. I'll get to those at some point but I wanted to get to the border units because it's so much of the quilt. There are 16 sections which need to be done and they're all pretty big. I was pleased to get two units done in one evening:
When I get the border pieces done, I feel like the rest of it will just be fun (more colour changes, smaller pieces, just more interesting).

In the larger picture, the previously completed Corner Spike units fit into the border units like so:

It's fun to see it coming together, and a little surprising just how big it is. As I recall, the pattern says it finishes 85" square which doesn't seem overly big, but I can't lay it out on our spare double bed.

Alright, all for now; I've got to get the fire started for a little heat here and then to start quilting again...

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