Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photography Show

Our church has a rotating art show in our gathering space and this fall, the director decided to put out an open invitation to church members. It was a lot of fun to gather pictures to submit and then to see the photos from all the other members. Not only do you get to learn who are the amateur photographers in the church, but you also get to learn some of where they've been and what they've seen.

I submitted a wopping seven pictures which was a bit much, but I had them ready and this being the first show like this, I didn't know if we would fill the space. But we sure did!

The first two were taken while putting up the trusses for my husband's shop. The first here was taken the night we put up the 43rd and  last truss. It is lit by our yard light which has a very odd green cast to it:
This second one was taken while were putting them up. I have always been fascinated by the symmetry of trusses.

Kitchener Stitch
was a close up of grafting a scarf I made for the Special Olympics Project. I love the contrast of the metal needle with the wooden needle and all the fuzzy yarn. I printed this one up as an 11x14 and it really popped.

Bee on Sunflower
was taken one year when my sunflowers really went gang busters. They were at least 8 feet tall, but this one was short enough to let me get a nice close up.

East of Calvin Center
was taken along a road I travel often. I think I might get a series of "ditch landscapes" going sometime. This would be the first. It was taken in the spring but the colours look so cold and barren it's hard to believe.

First Frost
was taken last fall. I was out hanging laundry and looked around to see all the leaves in the grass just outlined in frost. I ran and got my camera after the clothes were up and caught a few images. I hadn't cleaned up my flowers yet so I also managed to get this Petunnia Margarita:
(This is the one that won the blue ribbon at the county fair--woo hoo!)

Everything I know about photography I've learned from my husband who was a newspaper photographer back in the day. My basic rules are 1. take a lot, keep only a few and 2. 90% of a successful picture is just being there. I.e. have your camera with you all the time if you want the opportunity to take good pictures. I use a Nikon Coolpix which is at least 5-6 years old, so certainly nothing fancy.

I just picked up the pictures today to take home and will be happy to be able to hang them up again in the space that I live.


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