Monday, April 21, 2014

Warning: Cute Overload

Back in January I finished something I didn't bother to show you because I wanted to wait until you could see its true purpose.

With a new niece on the way, I made a baby bowl (or baby bag or "cocoon")--a prop that's become popular for pictures.
And now I may as well stop typing because you're not reading anyway.
All the cute receptors in your brain have taken over and made you incapable of reacting in any way but to say "Ahhhhh."
That's alright. She is very cute.

Her mother and I had some fun staging photo ops and snapping pics. The baby was young and slept through most of it, but we got a couple with her eyes open too.

I was wondering what to do with the prop now that the pictures are done, and then I realized I could just ravel it and use the cashmere for something else. Well! The way my sister and mother reacted, you would have thought I suggested something outrageous. They made me promise to at least contact a photographer I know to see if she wants it.

I made it with worsted-weight cashmere raveled from a sweater. (The same stuff I used for this hat and cowl set.) After studying other baby bowls made from this pattern, I wanted to make sure the yarn was plenty thick so I used it triple stranded. It used a stitch I had never done before (twisted drop stitch) so that was fun. It reminds me of the post stitch in crochet but looks better, in my opinion. It's not as obvious on my bowl, but the material is mesh-like so it has lots of stretch to fit different babies. I added the ribbon to introduce pink into the pictures, but it would work to snug in the top if needed as well.

Project Stats
: 31 Jan '14
Finished: 31 Jan '14
Pattern: Baby Bowl by HMS Bluebird (free)
Materials: Recycled worsted-weight cashmere (100 grams) (~$1)

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