Saturday, April 19, 2014

What? Did You Say Peek-a-Boo?

Nope, that would be Pokeball.
Yes, I made one.

Apparently a little friend of mine was telling his mom what he wanted for his birthday and when she asked about the Pokeball, he said very confidently, "Oh, Christina can make it!"

Ha, ha. Well he was right, and I did. I had never heard of these things, but Ravelry didn't let me down and had 44 patterns to chose from!

I chose this one, a basic crocheted ball. It was supposed to be done in two halves and then sewn together, but I just worked the second half directly after the first, doing decreases instead of increases. (You know how I love to get rid of a seam if possible.) I just had to make sure to stuff it before I got to the end! And what did I use to stuff it? Cashmere!! Yes, I used leftovers from my recent sweater ravels. This makes it probably the most luxurious Pokeball ever!
Happy Birthday, J. Hope you enjoy it!

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