Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bib Set

Ready for more bibs? I have completed another set:
The one on the right was shown in this post with the pattern.

The middle on is a repeat of the blue and white one I made recently.
It's double knit in the center section so the colours on each side are reversed.
This time I angled the straps toward the center by increasing on the neck edge and decreasing on the outside edge, one stitch on each edge on every other row.

The third one is another chevron variation:
The zig zags are created by increasing and decreasing in pairs with three stitches in between.
I did it in garter stitch to keep it thick and absorbent.
These straps I knit straight up. I made the first one 4" like on the other bibs. But then it seemed too short, so I made the second one longer and added two buttonholes so there would be options to make it fit.

I found two matching buttons in gold and a third one that matched close enough.
I just love this gold and red colour combination.

I think that's all the bibs for now. I like them for quick, easy projects but it will be nice to move on to other knitting projects whose siren call I have been trying to resist...

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