Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Not Quite Christmas Colours

I recently finished the pair of socks I've been working on for Wool-Aid. You know, the grey pair. And I decided No More Grey.

How about some orange and green?
I took the other sleeve from the same grey sweater and attempted to dye it in a self-striping pattern. I split the ball into two halves (by weight) and wrapped each on my niddy noddy, which yields about 2 yard/meter loops. I put half the loop in one dish and the other half in another dish and added the dye:
There are two hanks of yarn, one on top and one below.
Half of each hank is in the orange and half is in the green.
I used five packs of Mango for the orange and four packs of Green Apple for the green.

After not very much time in a 200^ oven, the dye looked exhausted, but the wool wasn't coloured enough.
So I added three packs of Orange to the Mango and four packs of Ice Blue Lemonade to the Green Apple and put it back in the oven.
I let it cool down at least over night and here's how it looked out of the water:
After it was dry, I had this:
Apparently I still didn't use enough dye because there are still areas where the blue/grey is showing:
But I can live with it.

Here it is wound up:
I was trying for an orange with the green and didn't quite get there. It took me a while to come up with a positive word for the colour, and I ended up with "rust".

I made sure to get some socks started before taking a road trip.
This pair of socks will not be grey!

Merry Christmas, all!

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