Sunday, December 7, 2014

Enough with the Grey Already!

Don't you think? I sure do. In contrast to the grey socks I'm working on, I cast on with some of this pink loveliness:
My sister found seven of these balls at a second hand store and paid a pittance for them. It's wool, which she doesn't work with, so she picked it up for me. At first I pictured lots of pink socks, but the yarn has a "thick and thin" texture that wouldn't be the best for socks. And I had seven skeins!

So I started on my first Wool-Aid sweater. I looked for a pattern that I liked with a deep shawl collar. Not one of those big shawl collars that hangs over the shoulders; one like this:
Hmm. Kind of confusing that they are both called shawl collars. Anyway, this type of collar gives plenty of room to fit a head through without leaving a big opening around the neck. I'm probably going to change it to ribbing though. I don't like the garter stitch.

I chose the largest size I thought I could get out of the yardage that I had. And then I added in some insurance--I skipped the bottom border and started with a provisional cast on:
That way I can knit the borders at the end and use the same yarn if I have enough and no one will be any wiser. Or I can use a contrasting yarn for all the trim and it will look like I planned it. Clever, right?
I liked how after knitting one row, it reminded me
of hairpin lace. (Not that I've done it, but I've seen it!)
The pattern is written to be worked in the round to the armholes, but I didn't feel like working on circular needles. So I split it up and worked the front and back separately. Here's the back after I finished it:
I have a row or two left to do on the front and then it will be done as well. Then the sleeves. I haven't studied the pattern to make sure it's possible to do them flat, but I'm certainly going to try. I am loving using my wooden straights and don't want to give it up!

And can I say again how nice it is to use a nice bright pink instead of grey grey grey!?

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