Friday, December 5, 2014

One Step Forward?

Once I sent off a package of socks to Wool-Aid, I started another pair. That's how it goes.

Somehow I ended up doing another grey pair. I'm not sure how that happened!
I am using wool raveled from a sweater again (with my Navy sock yarn reinforcing the toe and heel). Maybe I just have a lot of grey sweaters? Maybe because I'm using sweaters for men and they're all boring grey? I don't know. I know I have one green sweater and I think that will be next.

Aaannyywwaayy, I got the first sock done in pretty quick order. But then the second sock.

I don't know if it is because I have gotten used to working two at a time, but this second sock has not been smooth sailing.

I was working on it at a friend's while we were all chatting after Thanksgiving dinner when I looked down and actually looked at what I was doing. I was almost done the heel and I had forgotten to add the reinforcing sock yarn. So rip, rip, rip that went while we were sitting there. Either I looked confident or no one cared, but no one asked why I took the needle out and ripped the sock back a couple of inches.

Then when I finished the heel (at the same dinner party, maybe?), I started the 2x2 ribbing on the leg.
Do you see anything wrong with that. Neither did I as I worked two-plus inches. But then one part of my brain finally listened to another part of my brain and I asked myself why one needle was ending with Purl 2 and the next needle was starting with Purl 2. That is not the way you do 2x2 ribbing. (Perhaps this is why I've heard not to mix knitting and drinking wine?)

Then I remembered that I had to add two stitches to the first sock after the heel so that the total number of stitches would evenly divide by four and I could do a 2x2 rib. So last night I ripped the leg out and reknit about half of it during small group. Now I think I am in for some clear sailing to the end.

Knock knock on wood and throw some salt over my shoulder.

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