Saturday, December 3, 2016

Block 41: Egg Basket

Despite the delay in writing posts, my sister and I did keep on schedule with the Farm Girl Vintage blocks and all of them are done! Up today is the Egg Basket block:
I couldn't resist using chicken wire for the background fabric.

Here's the back if you're curious:
I ironed the majority of the long seams open. It not only helped with managing the bulk of the seams but made the front smoother as well. I'm not crazy about how the green and red triangles at the top of the basket were pieced. I repeatedly decided to eliminate the seam in the middle of the green pieces, but then when I asked myself how, I would just get tired. I didn't want to cut and piece triangles together. Paper piecing would have worked, but it didn't seem worth all the effort. So, in the end, I just followed the instructions.

I'm not really crazy about basket blocks. I don't know why. But I had an idea to personalize this block and make it more my own. Since it was supposed to be an egg basket, I appliqued some eggs to the block:
Pretty cute, right?
Here are all the blocks so far in a virtual layout:
Here is Kim's block:
She used a striped or plaid fabric for the basket to represent wicker--pretty neat!

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