Sunday, December 4, 2016

Block 42: Patchwork Pumpkin

Just a couple blocks left!! Are you going to miss this project? Because I sure have missed having these little blocks to sew after they were done.

The Patchwork Pumpkin block was well-named because it had a lot of little pieces to put together! I did manage to amass a lot of orange squares and set about arranging them:
Here they are sewn together:
And so I had the body of a pumpkin.

When I went to add the stem and leaf section, I couldn't help but notice that it was quite a bit shorter. (I didn't mark the 1/4" seam on all the squares and I guess my seam ran a little narrow. So the block ended up noticeably bigger than the others.)
I couldn't just cut off the pumpkin body unit because it was hand-sewn and all the seams would be compromised. So I decided to add a piece to lengthen the top section.

I found a scrap of the background fabric that would do nicely:
I sewed it to the leaf unit and then the top piece was plenty long enough to fit:
After I sewed the horizontal piece, I cut off the excess and had a nice square block:
Of course, this "solution" results in this block being bigger than the rest but since I'm going to be sashing all the blocks, I figured I could fix it at that stage.

I have to say that this circle of orange with its pattern of light and dark squares makes me very happy!

Here are all the blocks in a virtual layout:
Here is Kim's pumpkin:
Isn't it pretty! She also put thought into where the light and dark squares were placed.

These may be the two most similar blocks we have! It's hard to vary a big block of orange, but I'm sure if I posted the two of them without labeling them, you would still be able to pick which went in whose quilt!

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