Sunday, October 23, 2016

Block 40: Water Turn

It has been a few weeks since Kim and I finished this block--Block #41 is the Water Turn:
All those flying geese pieces (the ones with the red and green triangles) were a lot to fit into a 6" block! But I think I got the seams pretty flat and all my points are showing. I like the soft pallet with just a touch of red to stand out.

After I had the flying geese made and was sewing them together into pairs, I noticed that I sewed one of them with the green fabric wrong side out. Even though I had already trimmed the "flippy corner", I thought I could undo the hand stitching and sew the pieces on the right way. So I did so and it went ok.

But then when I went to put the pair together, the green fabric was wrong side out. I thought I looked over all of them when I discovered the first wrong one to see if there were any more to fix, but there it was. I just fixed the second one the same as the first, but honestly I'm still not sure if I missed the second mistake piece when I looked them over or if I took apart the first piece and sewed it back together wrong again!!

Here are all of the blocks done so far:
Only four more blue spaces left to fill!
Here is Kim's block:
Her colours are bolder--I love the dark blue with the gold yellow.

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