Saturday, October 1, 2016

Block 39: Wooly Sheep

Well, with a title like that, there's no surprise in what you're going to see. The week's block is a rather rotund (wooly) sheep. I guess that's good for the fall since this would be the time sheep are growing in their full coats.

I couldn't resist using a cute lamb fabric I had, so my sheep is purple. I did just read about a farmer dyeing all his sheep orange in an attempt to stop thieves. I'm not sure if it worked.
There were a lot of parts and pieces to this block. There are no symmetric repeating parts so every piece you made was unique. Even the two ears were different as one had the sheep body as the background and the other was against the body and the background fabric.

Once the block was pieced, I did pull out my embroidery floss and got the embroidery done right away. (Yay, me!) And while I was at it, I finished two other blocks that still needed embroidery--the seeds on the pear block and the eye on the mother hen block. (I didn't even notice the later block needed embroidery at the time I made it. Thank goodness for sisters.)

And here is the virtual layout of all the blocks so far:
It's looking almost done, isn't it!
And here is Kim's block:
She stayed with a more realistically coloured sheep, green/brown ground and blue sky all around. we both went with grey for the face. I'm sure because we grew up with black faced sheep.

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