Sunday, September 25, 2016

Block 38: Welcome Block

This week's block was my final 12" block. It is so odd to switch from the tiny pieces in the 6" blocks to these (relatively) large pieces. I did decide to piece it on the machine since the seams would be longer and I thought the result would be better done by machine.

Here is the Welcome Block:
 Here is the back, if you're curious.
A few open seams, but mostly I pressed to one side or the other with and furled the main intersections.

After sewing some "flippy corners" for units in the block, I sewed the triangles that you normally discard into half-square triangle blocks. I had some fun playing with what I could do with them:
Not sure what will become of them, but they're safely in a bag in my scrap box waiting for the right project. :)

Here are all of the blocks I've done so far in a virtual layout:
Sure looks better with that last 12" block filled in, doesn't it!

Won't be too long now and all of the blocks will be finished!
Here is Kim's block:
I think it looks like a flower!

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