Saturday, September 10, 2016

Block 35: Postage Stamp

There were a lot of pieces in this block!! It's a 6 by 6 grid of squares that finish at 1 inch.

I took the pieces with me while flying to see my sister. I wasn't sure I would be able to work on it during the trip because of the many pieces to keep track of, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Enter the chance to take a later flight and get a $500 voucher for a future flight. It was the ideal situation to be the volunteer as I was traveling alone and there was nothing planned for the evening I was landing. Once I made a quick call to my sister who was picking me up, I had an extra five hours in the terminal. Sounds like a good time to pull out 36 tiny pieces of fabric!
You can see evidence that I also spent the five hours
searching out patches of sunshine!
I laid out the pieces on a file folder I brought for the purpose.

Then I sewed all the seams in one direction:
 I don't cut the thread in between the pieces so that they stayed laid out in the right position.

Then I sewed the seams in the other direction:
Easy, peasy, done!

Once I got to my sister's, we could share our blocks with each other:
(Hers is nicely pressed, mine is not!)
Although I think you can tell our blocks apart by the difference in the color tones, this is probably our most similar blocks because of the wide variety of fabrics used. I think there's only one fabric we both used. (Can you find it?)

Here are all of my blocks in a virtual layout:
That last 12" block is looking conspicuously absent!! I am looking forward to when it will finally appear in the schedule.

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