Thursday, September 1, 2016

Block 34: Grandma's Quilt

This block has a fun name. It makes you want to like the block.

No, that's not setting up a story. It's just how "Grandma's Quilt" strikes me.

And here's the whole block:
I can see why you might call it Grandma's Quilt. I can't remember if I planned the X that the pinks and reds form. (The pattern didn't show those pieces in the same colour family.) More likely, I just had a lot of reds to use. :)

Even though this block isn't just connected squares, enough of the seams met that I could furl most of the seams:
Here's a close up of one quadrant if you want to see more detail:
Here are all the blocks done so far:
That blue space is shrinking and shrinking!
Here is Kim' block:
I love the red/crimsons in this block!! And Kim confessed she had been waiting and waiting to use that little face that was on one of her fabrics. She found a good place for it!! Every quilt can use a little whimsy. :)

And now I am caught up with the blocks that were scheduled to be done up to August 27. I will make this week's block while I'm travelling to see Kim this weekend. I have some serious bus time and plane time in my weekend.

I'm bringing the block for this week and next week so hopefully I can show them both to Kim in person. I'm not pressuring her to get them done though; she's hosting a party and I'm sure that will take up much of her time!

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