Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Finished Project and a New Idea

Guess what I did today! I just had to finish it. I quilted the second yellow block to match the other one, cut some blue strips to make a non-piped trim, bordered it with red and quilted the border. Sewed the front to the back on 3-1/2 sides, stuffed the pillow in, and sewed it shut old-school style.

I really like the blue trim
to set off the center squares from the border.
I hope it converts any non-believers that the blue binding is going to work on the quilt itself. I love it.

I think you can see some of the border quilting here:
Just a meandering path around some of the shapes in the fabric print. Once again, a lot of fun!

And I did one more thing this morning:
Did I fool you?? This isn't actually on the quilt. I made another sample block,
to try red thread on the yellow square.

I still really liked the quilting pattern itself, but I just could see doing it if it was yellow on yellow and you couldn't see any of the quilting. What's the point of that? So I had to try it in red. I think it will really tie into the red squares a lot more this way. Leave a comment and let me know what you think either way. (No poll this time, but I'd like to hear what you think: red or yellow...why?)
It's been pretty exciting to make so much progress on a quilt in so little time. My quilts tend to sit for years between stages. Go, me!

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  1. Hey Christina,

    It's lovely, as usual. I can't decide. I see your point about it being a lot of work for yellow-on-yellow, but I kind of like the calmness of the yellow squares in between the bright reds.

    I don't know how many rows and columns you have, so I'm not sure this would work, but what about a compromise? I'm thinking something like an expanded checkerboard, or a soccer ball, where none of the black pieces touch...

    The center row/column you could alternate red and yellow stitching on the yellow squares. The rows/columns immediately touching would be all yellow stitching. Then the next would be alternating again, but opposite of the center row. Clear as mud? Each yellow square with red stitching would be surrounded by yellow squares with yellow stitching. But again, it depends on how the squares are placed, and what is in the center.

    Can you tell I struggle with indecisiveness? When in doubt, do both!

    Hope you are inspired with a solution that you love. I quilt vicariously through you - don't have time or space for another hobby that lends itself so easily to a stash. :)



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