Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beading During the Game

So it wasn't that I wasn't interested in the game. And it's not that I needed to distract myself from what quickly looked to be a losing game. (Not for sure, but just likely...) But my bead box was still out from when I fixed my mom's necklace and just having it out put my mind to beading.

There were a lot of beads in there that I thought were so pretty. So pretty I couldn't resist buying them. Why was I leaving them sitting in a box? Not inspired? Insecure about liking the results? Not in the mood for stringing beads? Well, no more!

I whipped out a lot of necklaces, earrings, anklets and a ring today. Ya, I, right!?

Here we go:

1. Necklace from golden brown stones that I love:
It's meant to be worn with the clasp in front. This probably isn't "cool" anymore as I remember my older sister showing me a necklace like this years and years ago. But oh well, I like it. I love these toggle clasps by the way. So simple. So secure.

2. Simple strand of light-weight wooden beads:
These are reused from another necklace that I didn't like as much. But I really liked the beads. And several times since I had the idea to restring them, I've wanted to wear it with an outfit I had on. But I hadn't made it yet. Well, here you go, self!

It's held together with a magnetic clasp, but very insecurely. The magnet is not nearly strong enough. When I realized it, I did not have the energy to restring the whole thing. So I will live with it. Hopefully nothing's yanking on my necklace anyway.

I took a few of the extra beads, added some smaller black ones and strung them unto a stretchy cord for a ring:
I finished it with a simple square knot figuring it would be hidden inside my palm. I wore it all afternoon and it was very comfortable. I've had some of these rings that were way loose or tight, but this one seems good.

3. Another simple strand of pretty brown beads:
I found these brown beads strung on a string in my box. So I had "laid out" the necklace, put it on a string and then...? What happened? The only thing I could figure is that it came out too short and that I didn't have the energy at that time to solve the problem.

But today I did. I added some little silver spacers between each bead (I had only one extra...phew! I was a little worried at the end) and that did the trick.
The brown beads are flat and highly reflective. I found them in three different shapes: large ovals, small diamonds and small rectangles (not shown). This necklace is a touch longer than most I make which would  make it longer than a choker but not by much.

4. Red and black necklace:
Finally something different--I didn't just string some beads on a wire!

I took some extra red beads and put them on a wire with loops on each end. Then I separated them with black tube beads on wires. I put a bend in the center wire and hung some wires with various red seedbeeds on them.

I ended up with two extra red beads already on wires so I threw them on some fisherman hooks and now I have a pair of matching earrings.

5. Wooden bead necklace on leather thong:
I had a hard time doing a clasp the last time I used this leather thong so this time I just tied each end around the other string and now it is adjustable. There's enough friction with the leather that it doesn't slide unless you pull on it specifically.

6. Stone and shell necklace:
This necklace is made up of two strands. I liked the shells but couldn't quite see myself wearing a shell necklace. (Ok on a cruise, but not in my "real" life.) The other strand is made up of various stones and beads that I liked but didn't really have enough of anything to make a necklace with them.

I wanted to twist the two strands together but could not find a way to make them stay twisted.
Lucky for me, if I twist them and then do up the clasp, it stays that way. (When I unclasp it, it completely untwists again). I really love this necklace. The subtle colours, the interesting textures and shapes.

7. Two fun anklets: (Just in time for summer...oh wait...maybe not.)
The blue one is strung onto a stretchy material that clams to be "strong, stretchy, and easy to knot." The last part is completely untrue. Any knot I put in it came out with the slightest pull. I think I have it in place now with a couple of different types of knots. (A crimp bead just cuts through the stuff.)

The second one is strung on regular beading string. It was fun to do.

And that's "all." Now to figure out what outfits to wear them with...

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