Saturday, September 18, 2010

How's the Tunic Looking?

Why thanks for asking.

I think it's going well. I am above the sleeve increases and  puttering along.
My deadline knitting (previous post) is slowing progress a little, but I still work on this when I don't have the attention span to pay attention to what I'm doing.

The shape of the sweater looks a little odd because the sleeve shaping takes place so early. The sleeves are ridiculously deep and that makes the body look shorter than it is. It'll all work out; trust me.

I only have about 2.5" done on the sleeves and have 4.5" more to do before I can introduce the second colour and all the fun begins.

One detail I really like about this design is the bottom edge. It doesn't dive straight into the 3x3 rib, but first does 5 rows of 1x1 ribbing:
This gives a very smooth line across the bottom. If you started the 3x3 ribbing right away, the bottom edge would buckle and curl, but the 1x1 rib tames it nicely. It makes the garment lie better and from further away you don't really notice the shift in the ribbing. Bravo!

I picked up some Blue Sky alpaca. (Blue Sky being merely the yarn brand; it doesn't define the alpaca in any way.) It is so dreamy and soft. Quite a contrast to the scratchy "serviceable" grey wool.

I found a new group on Ravelry by the's for people who like scratchy wool. I couldn't believe there were more people like me!

And for the record, I'm not talking about itchy wool--I don't like that sensation either. But there's a lot of good...what shall we say?..."rough" wool out there, and I like it!

Back to the main topic, I'll be interested in how these very different wools interact.

One thing's sure, though, I'll be glad the cowl neck is made from the alpaca. My neck is one place I do not appreciate "scratchy" wool.

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