Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Woolly Gift

I was soooo pleasantly surprised and very pleased with this woolly gift presented to me by a friend that had returned from England/Wales (and maybe other parts).

She said she really had to search for some wool. No one was carrying it.

I said Prince Charles is working on it.

In case you like details, this is a washable merino double knit wool from James C Brett, West Yorkshire in an unnamed but lovely shade of green. Pea green, maybe? Troy and I couldn't come up with a description.

In any case I have been enjoying planning what to do with it. I am thinking some gloves and matching cowl, or maybe hat.

Maybe this glove and hat set:

(Certainly not the cowl/wrap.) I'm in the mood for a beret or tam.

Or these gloves:

I could improvise a matching hat.

Or, final option:

(without the beads, I think)

[I've ripped all these photos from Ravelry folks. Thanks to Drops Studio, Glenna C. and Belroxsum.]

It's exceedingly fun to consider all the possibilities. There's so much potential in a ball of wool...

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  1. I think the pattern in the blue ones will look nice in that green!


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