Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whistler Finished: Part 2 of 2

I didn't want to keep you waiting, so I am posting part 2 before part 1. I usually prefer to show the finishing details before the final project, but I didn't want Bonnie to pass out from holding her breath. (ha ha). I'll post part 1 sometime soon.

The pic to the right is my attempt to imitate the cover photo of the pattern book. [Click link to see.] (Except I didn't mirror image it as they did--you can tell because the letters on the "Dale" patch on his sleeve are backwards. That's me--obsessively observing the details.)

Anyway, enough fun and games, let's see a sweater, shall we?

From the front:
(I have to apologize for the distracting scarf--the wind was blowing it around and I didn't bring a mirror out with me!)

And the back:

Now that you've seen the "big picture," let me show you some details.

The folded hem:
Project Stats
: 12 Feb '10
Finished: 19 May '10
Part of Ravelympics 2010
Pattern: Whistler 2005 by Dale of Norway
Materials: Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Falk (superwash wool) 17 balls ($117.13); 5 clasps salvaged from Goodwill sweater (<$5?)
It's very smooth and flattering. There's ribbing on the inside to keep it snug, but the stocking stitch on the outside maintains a smooth continuous look. I ended up skipping the shock-cord that it called for. First, I bought the wrong type of cord. Second, I didn't really want that "balloon" look. Third, I'm not really going to be wearing this in Alpine conditions. Fourth, I can always add it later if I miss it.

Sleeve details and join to sweater:
These sleeves do narrow to a very small cuff--good thing I have small wrists. It does keep the wind out though!

The front opening (with clasps): It fits very well partly open
and closed.
The clasps are quite heavy but the sweater has more than enough bulk and heft to hold them up. That is very good. (Nobody likes a droopy neck!)

I finished the sweater on Wednesday. Since then, the weather has turned very warm and sunny (I'm not saying that's a causal relationship...) so I haven't had any opportunity to wear it. Tomorrow night, however, I'm headed to Red Purl so I'll have to have it with me. First thing in the morning might be just chilly enough to justify putting it on!

But before its first public debut, let me show you one more view, especially showing off the maple leaf on the sleeve:
Was it worth the wait?

I certainly think it was worth my work and time!


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