Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Starts with "W" and Ends with "histler"?

That would be: "Whooping long time to finish my Whistler"

It really is. Is a long time. Is dragging.

Usually I'm the one smiling serenely as others complain about sewing together their knit projects. Complain about all that seaming, all that finishing, while I smile because it doesn't bother me. Not today. I'm tired of it.

It's harder when you have thought, "I'll finish it tonight...Tonight's the night." and it's not. And then harder still when you have done this a couple times.

Sunday I finished knitting the collar and then picked up and knit the plackets. Still not done.

Monday I sewed down the sleeve hems, and then sewed down the placket facings. Still not done.

Tonight I sewed on all the clasps (yes, I went with clasps instead of the zipper--just wait til you see it!!), sewed down the collar facing, sewed down the bottom hem, and sewed on the first sleeve. That is a lot of sewing, and yet: Still. Not. Done.

Maybe tomorrow I will get to sew down the sleeve facing, sew on the second sleeve, and sew down that sleeve facing. Right now, I think that's all I have left. (I've been known to delude myself before though, so that's not necessarily the final word.)

In any case, you can see that I am working as hard as I can on it. It is just a lot.

But it will not get the better of me. Because what else starts with "W" and ends with "histler"?

We can't wait to finish the Whistler!

We won't be outdone by the Whistler!

We want to hear cheers for our Whistler!

Until then, I'll just keep slogging on...

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