Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Odds and Sods

Remember my Odds and Sods socks? I knit the first one as a sample to promote a class I led in April.

The second one had to wait until the class started. (I like to knit along with the students...or student, in this case.) During the classes, I really only got the heel done, but once class was out I went to town, so to speak.

They are even more comfy than the first pair I made. The Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted is so soft. I had forgotten how nice it felt until I worked with it again, and wore it.
These socks were made from leftovers I had from my Christmas slipper project. I know the two colour combo is not the most attractive sock, but it really showcases the different stages of construction. Project Stats
: 20 Mar '10
Finished: 29 Apr '10
Pattern: Hat-heel by Kathleen Sperling (free)
Materials: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Roadside Gerry and Douglas Fir (114g of leftovers)
Plus it's fun. Socks don't need to be so serious, you know?

One trick I tried on this sock was to knit the leg with different sized needles. I have had a problem with the last few socks I've knit in that they don't stay up--the leg is too tight. (And a sock that is too tight does not "grip" the leg better and stay up; no, it makes its way to the smallest part of your leg--the ankle!)

Rather than try to work out different sizing or increasing the number of stitches, I had read that you can just change your needles size. So as I worked up from the heel I twice changed to larger needle sizes (after 15 rows and then 20 more rows). This has worked like a charm.

The socks worked up quickly since they are made with a worsted weight wool. This also means, however, that they are too thick for most of my shoes and I will not be wearing them out much.
I will enjoy them on my days off, and you'll just have to stop by to visit if you want to admire them in person!

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