Monday, May 10, 2010

Purple! Mohair! Lace! Ruffles!

I can't imagine any one who would try to classify my "style" would ever put this T shirt in it.

But I love it irrationally. Ever since I first saw the pattern. Ever since I found the perfect purple mohair. Ever since I first put it on. It's luscious, I can't deny it.

The lace pattern was slightly modified from the pattern. (A mistake I decided to embrace instead of correct!) I think the outlined diamond shapes look a little like stain glass windows.

It was pretty easy to memorize, although I definitely had to use a row counter as it was 12 rows long and "reading" the mohair proved very difficult.

I finished the shirt last Thursday after blocking it twice. The first time was after everything but the bottom hem was done. It looked like it might be a little short, so I wanted to make sure blocking could make it right before I went any further. Although not perfect, it was close enough.

So then I picked up and knit the picot hem around the bottom.
Then I had to block it again. The picot edging curls up like crazy and that drives me crazy. After blocking, it was a lot flatter, but it still tends to a little flip.

The same picot edging was added to the neckline:
And look at that sweet ruffle! It was cleverly made from short rows of alternating garter and reverse garter panels. The short rows mean there is more fabric on the two sides then there is in the middle (making it gather) and the alternating garter and reverse garter make it alternate between concave and convex curves (making it gather nicely). Project Stats
: 20 Mar '10
Finished: 6 May '10
Pattern: Lace Top by Erika Knight from Glamour Knits ($5)
Materials: 127 g of Mohair in Motion by Betty Todd ($39)
The pattern called for some organza but I couldn't find anything that matched. And I like it as it is.

I was hoping for mother of pearl buttons but I didn't find any in my button tin. These will do nicely, and if I see ones I like better some day I can switch them then. (I can't believe I went to Soutache recently and didn't pick up ribbon or buttons there! What was I thinking?!)

This is the fifth item off my "Spring to Finish" list. I'm really banging them out and quite pleased about it, I must say! Today is "Halfway There" check-in day at Jacqui's blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I'm happy to have five of eight done, although I think the ones that are left are the harder ones! But I have three more weeks and am confident I will get the Whistler and tablecloths done. Yes I will! (The siding, I'm not promising...)

Meanwhile, another look at this luscious T:
Oh yes, and my reward for this item was finally wearing the skirt I had bought last fall to go with the as-yet-not-even-started shirt. When I pulled it out of the spare room closet, I couldn't see why I thought it matched this shirt. The threads running through it look blue not lilac, lavender or even purple. But then I saw that the lining matches the shirt quite closely. Fooled by lining again!! Or maybe those threads are lavender, but only look blue because of the surrounding colours. (It happens!)

But I still liked the style of the skirt--seems a little retro. So I went with the theme and pulled out some T-strap shoes, and a old crocheted purse, and gloves. Yup, I went all out. But it was practical's a little cool yet for Tshirts, and full length gloves do help keep bare arms warm. The rest of me did great with what felt like a big hug of purple mohair!

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  1. you look gorgeous in that.
    i'm surfing: scouting lace patterns, looking for charts. ran into you - love your get up.


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