Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walking in Fancy Shoes

I went for a walk today...the Michiana Stop AIDS Walk 2010. The walk went well; there were a lot of people; the total raised looks like it might make it to $15K. (They weren't quite done counting.) That's a lot!

The day didn't start so well, however. As I was getting ready to leave church and head out for some lunch before walking, I discovered that I had left my change of clothes (and shoes) at home. Argh!

I had fortunately worn jeans to church with flats. If they had been heels, I would have been obliged to buy new shoes. (I know, like twist my arm.) As it was, I decided I could wear the ones I had on and just had to buy new socks. (Aren't the zebra stripes fancy!)

And when I finally got to the step-off location, I saw they were (again fortunately) selling Tshirts. This saved my dry-clean only shirt from a walk on a surprisingly humid day.
I like the shirt. I mean, it is simple, but it's been a few years since they've had any Tshirt available, and the last ones were awful: they had teddy bears on them and were all XL. And of course, being needy and grateful (which I was) makes anything look better.

And what about the knitting?
I did finish the knitting part of the fingerless mittens. I just have a few finishing details and blocking to do. Which means the person the random number generator picked can expect her mittens very soon. "Her?" Yes, her...the winner is [tension-building drum roll here...]:

my co-worker, Deb!!

She very generously had her wallet out almost before I had finished asking for her pledge, and so I'm pleased she won. Of course I would have been glad if you had won too, and really wish I could knit you all a pair. But that's not going to happen. "Better luck next year," is the only hope I can offer you.

Thank you all for your interest in the Walk and your support and pledges. This was my biggest year by far (30 per cent more than my previous high) at $1640. If the Walk raises $15K you all helped me raise more than a third tenth* of that...and more than triple the next highest walker!

I'm very happy to direct your funds to AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist who do such good work.

*ETA: Yes, someone pointed out that my math was wrong. I will just say it wasn't actually a math error; more like a typo error.

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