Sunday, February 7, 2010

SB Sunday

Yes, today's the day--Super Bowl Sunday. My Colts have their chance at a second title since I've been following them.

But it's "SB" Sunday for another reason...let's see if I can explain the inside joke.

A group of friends were together one evening when one of us exclaimed, "Why M---, you have a Sparkly Bum!" And immediately M--- (a lady of a certain age) twirled around with her hands covering the "offensive" glitter and sparkle, completely embarrassed.

Well, we couldn't let that go, so we lovingly teased her the rest of the evening. (We even found out that earlier in the day someone had told M--- that she had a "Shiny Heinie.") M--- took it all in with good humour, and in fact became rather defiant as she bought another pair of "sparkly bum" jeans the next day!

Of course, we then planned the next stage. M--- is hosting today's Super Bowl get together and we have made plans to all come with sparkly bums! I haven't seen what any one else has planned, but I worked on mine yesterday.

I bought some heat adhesive crystals and a heat tool (the "Creative Jewel Tool") and planned my own sparkly support of my Colts, of course!

First, planning:
I traced the pocket onto some scrap paper; drew out a horseshoe and tried to fill it with crystals. After adjusting the shape several times, I had a design that worked and used every single clear crystal I had. (No pressure now!)

Next I transferred the horseshoe to the actual jeans, one by one. It's still a "dry fit" at this point; no adhesive had been activated yet.

Once I had the design, I started to stick them down. The heat tool worked on one crystal at a time and took about 20 seconds. There are about 120 crystals in the design, so it took a while. It did not go any quicker when the jeans (and crystals) fell to the floor after I had only about 10 glued down. :big sigh:
The only good thing to come from it was that after I had picked up all the crystals and laid out the horseshoe again, I had several clear crystals left over! (At least now I had a spare if I needed.)

I had trouble with some of the crystals: they wouldn't stay stuck. I finally fixed the last few with Elmer's glue. (It may not survive the wash, but hopefully it will last through tomorrow.)

I hope M--- appreciates the joke. Isn't it funny how we were teasing her, but now we just want to be like her!?

Go Colts!

ETA: Well, never mind the Colts til next year, but here are more Sparkly Bums that showed up for the party:

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