Friday, February 12, 2010

Troy's Woven Cables Sweater

Before I plunge into my Olympic knitting tonight, I should clear up my previous projects. Clean the slate, so to speak.

I am pleased to present the Woven Cables sweater I've been working on for Troy.

Despite some setbacks along the way, the final sweater fits wonderfully, and judging by the frequency that it graces Troy's shoulders, he loves to wear it!

Since the last update, I finished the shoulder shaping and added the neckline ribbing. I did a 3x1 rib inspired by the columns on the front and back.

I also added the ribbing to the bottom, picking up stitches along the bottom edge and knitting down. The 3x1 rib flowed directly out of the pattern on the main body. I had to fudge the stitch counts just a little to make it work out. I made sure to err on the side of adding of stitches because I wanted the rib to lie flat and smooth, not to pull in like ribbing is usually designed to.
After blocking, the sleeves were plenty long. (And in fact, Troy first thought they were too long; I had to reblock it soon after the first time (long story I'm not getting into here), and the sleeves were just the right length when I wasn't quite as aggressive.) And so, I didn't add any ribbing to the sleeve and just left them as they were.
(Didn't I tell you the shoulder shaping of the "Brooks"
sweater design would emphasize his general buffness?!!)

Here you can see the center of the sleeve making its way up over the shoulder.

Project Stats
: 02 Sep 09 / Finished: 23 Jan 10
Pattern: devised from Nancy Marchant's Wondrous Woven Cabling and EZ's Brooks Sweater
Materials: Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds DK (brown), 10.5 skeins ($72.35)
The cable placement worked out well all around the shoulders and neckline. This is not through any genius of mine, just a bit of good luck. There's always a chance in cabling that one of the twists will fall just too close or too far from the top edge. But not this time!

One more look at my dapper man:
Not bad, right?

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