Monday, February 15, 2010

Knitting Olympics: Day 4

Today was a good day: about 2.5 inches knit since last night.
The paperclip marks where I started. (This is a good way to keep yourself motivated. Progress is too hard to see on 12 inches. But marking where you started that day gives you something shorter to measure against. It's not cheating; it just seems like it.)

I am now just over 6" of 12" I have to do before starting the next colour chart. It is quite a slog. It's a good thing I'm a stick-with-it kind of person.

The other way to measure progress is that I did finish another ball of MC wool. Woo hoo! (I guess...progress is made, but I don't want to run out before I'm finished!)

This was an exceptional day for time allowed for knitting; unfortunately progress tomorrow will not be nearly as good. But I do have 13 days left...

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