Friday, February 5, 2010

Turned Inside In

Well, I got all those ends worked in finally! Doesn't that toe look lovely? I think the way the pattern on the top makes its way just around the toes is just...graceful.

The heel was also well designed in keeping with the rib pattern:

And I finally have the excuse to show you my new tool:
I found this wooden foot in an antique store (just $5!) and it's just my size. It makes taking those toe and heel pictures a lot easier!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...I can reveal my Outside In socks, outside out...or inside in...whatever you prefer:
Project Stats
: 26 Nov 09
Finished: 01 Feb 10
Pattern: Outside In by Janice Kang (free)
Materials: Louet Gems Sport Weight in Sage Green ($17)
The socks feel good as I wear them. I'm not crazy about the colour; it's very flat. And with the ribs, I feel a bit like I have reptile feet! But they fit pretty well and they're very warm!

I really liked learning the afterthought heel, and the pattern instructions and charts were very good.

It was kind of fun knitting the socks inside out. So far I have not noticed any purls where there should be knits or vice versa. If you should see any, let's just keep it your little secret!

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