Saturday, April 9, 2016

Keeping Twitchy Fingers Occupied

I have been so eager to work on the quilt blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt that I have to admit that I have worked a week (or two) ahead. Not so bad, but I am getting ahead of Kim who was sick this week, and that's no fun.

So I put my mind to other projects that I could work on that would involve the same work. And I thought of the Cass County Fair raffle quilt block. As you may recall, the theme is Farmers Market and the fabrics I get to use are these:
(I can add up to two additional fabrics if I want.)

A while ago I decided that I wasn't going to attempt an applique scene and did some research on some pieced blocks I could do. Since I have corn fabric, I concentrated on blocks with corn in the name and found this great "Corn and Beans" block from Patchwork Square. (There are a lot of nice patterns there for free.)
I have a bit of a conundrum about how to place the fabrics though. It looks great in the three colours shown here, but I have to use all of the fabrics in the kit. So I have to use at least five. How to place them?

I also like to keep in mind that most blocks that are appliqued will have the cream fabric as the background and likely it will appear in a lot of the blocks. I also thought that I have to add a bean fabric (most likely green) to complete the block name.

So I did a couple of rough mock ups in Excel to experiment with different colour additions and placements. (I know these samples only have four colours--I figure I can fussy cut green from the seed packet fabric to work with the bean fabric and will use the corn and solid yellow in the yellow triangles.) Take a look and tell me what you think. Have any preferences or thoughts?

1. Black in White

2. White in Black

3. Diagonal 1 (dark on dark; light on light)

4. Diagonal 2 (dark on light; light on dark)
I would love it if you would take a second to rank them in this poll:
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and love it even more if you left a comment with your reaction or reasoning. Thanks!

Meanwhile, I have ordered some green bean fabric online (surprisingly hard to find!) and will wait for it to arrive before I start deciding--or cutting--anything.

So meanwhile meanwhile, I will have to think of some other project to keep my fingers from sewing too far ahead on the Farm Girl Vintage quilt!!

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  1. 1 the outside of the block seems to disappear
    2 nice
    3 like the diagonal look created
    4 really like the contrasting colours and diagonal look


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