Sunday, April 3, 2016

Block 15: Mama Hen

I'm not sure what makes this a "mama" hen since there aren't any chicks around, but I guess the designer would know better than I. :)

I went with a rather "fanciful" hen since you don't find many green hens with red spots. I remember having a hard time finding fabrics I liked together and I'm not sure this is entirely successful.
But I have to say the background is perfect in how it's reminiscent of chicken wire.

After the block was done and I hadn't used a piece of red fabric that was in the bag, I realized that it was a fabric I got from my MIL after I had cut fabric for this block. I wasn't entirely happy with the red fabric for the comb and thought this would do better.
But by the time I sewed the block, I had forgotten! So I kept expecting to use this red rectangle somewhere and never did. I should have cut new pieces for the comb from it. Once again, a reminder to make notes!!

Here is the back of the block.
I did a lot more open seams on this one. One nice (easy) thing about this block was that there were no seams that had to meet and match!

Here are all the blocks so far:
And having reached block 15, we are one third of the way done the blocks from the book!
Kim and I caught up with each other on Friday night, showing our blocks via Skype. Here is her hen:
I love her brown sunflower fabric for the body.

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