Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Block 18: Butter Churn

Here is this week's block, called the Butter Churn:
It's not a block that I am familiar with and I'm guessing the author designed it for this book since nothing came up in a cursory Google search. I like it more now that I've made it than when I was looking at it on the page.

You can see I went with the bold red in the centre pinwheel. I can't have everything low contrast! I used the chicken wire background again and managed to get it all lined up in the same direction. I also lined up the stripes in the border around the pinwheel.

Here's the back:
The outer part of the two vertical seams were ironed open and I think I'm going to do the same to the horizontal seams. You can see the difference from the front and it's an easy change to make with a hot iron.

I sewed this block by machine the same day that I did the county fair block.

Here is a mock layout of all the blocks so far:
I decided I had to make a template big enough for all of the blocks (at least, I think it is) so I would no longer have to expand it every few weeks. Next week's block is a 12" block so I had to make room for that as well.

As you can see, I am thinking of having four 12" blocks and anchoring the quilt with them in the corners. For the rest, I am randomly throwing the blocks into the layout. Kim and I plan to get together over Christmas to try out layouts and offer opinions on each other's quilts. Certainly nothing will be final before that.
Here is Kim's block:
Aren't the colours lovely? She picked buttery tones for her Butter Churn block. (So clever of her!)

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