Friday, October 24, 2014

Insulate! Insulate!

You should read that title in a very robot-y voice, as in daleks from Dr Who. My sister found a pattern she loves to make and she made one for me...
In wool! (And she never uses wool. But she did it just for me.)

You can see it has police boxes on it with daleks.
But since these daleks are intent on insulating, not exterminating, I feel quite safe. :)

You can find the pattern here. My sister likes it very much and has made a number of them. (I think she said eight the last time I talked to her!) The pattern shows you how to do colourwork working with one colour in each hand (essentially knitting continental with one colour and English with the other). It sounds like she has been converted!

Here's a little peak at the inside of the hat and her impeccable stranding:
I love it when the inside looks as well attended to as
the "good side".
It sure is nice to get a lovely hat with none of the work it normally takes! :)

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