Wednesday, October 1, 2014


You thought I'd forget again this year, didn't you? Well, I didn't!

I started celebrating Socktoberfest by packaging up the socks I have ready for Wool-Aid. I'll be shipping them out tomorrow. They issued a challenge in September to get things wrapped up and sent in so they could fill up their fall shipments. Here are the socks I had ready:
Oh yes, that's a new one on the bottom. I just finished them up last week.
I blocked them on my sock blockers but they're definitely bigger than the socks I wear.

I used a 3x2 rib to "change things up" from the 2x2 rib I did on the other Wool-Aid socks. Yes that's a little facetious, in case that wasn't obvious.
I put in a very small gusset and did a short row heel.
I ended with a cuff of 1x1 ribbing and my usual sewn Kitchener bind off. What can I say? I still love it.
Now I'm looking around the stash for more worsted wool for the next pair. (I may have to ravel another sweater to get it.)

In the meantime, I have a new pair of socks going that I will be gifting to someone in the family. No pictures yet but I will tell you that they are a certain special shade of blue...

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