Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tulip Fields Socks: Finished

Let's continue celebrating Socktoberfest by looking at my most favourite socks:
It's getting to be that time of year when the light is short and my work days are long, so these are all the pictures I managed to get of these socks!
These socks had a most unusual construction which I discussed before. I made them a little different than the pattern in that I started at the top of the leg with a provisional cast on so I could pick up the stitches later and do ribbing at the end and use up every bit of yarn. (Or, in case I ran out of ran, I could work a cuff in a contrasting or complementary colour.)

I also worked the stripes with intarsia across half the sock. I.e. after the heel, I went down the sole making the three stripes, and then did a short row toe and went up the top of the foot and front of the leg with three more stripes, attaching it to the first half as I went. I really enjoyed doing it this way and plan to make my own like that, once I choose the yarn and get to it.

My own? Yes, these socks are a gift so even though I love them so much, I will not be keeping them!

Project Stats
: 12 Jul '14
Finished: 23 Aug '14
Pattern: Stripe Tease by General Hogbuffer
Materials: Katia Darling, 2 skeins in colour 208 (€9.90)

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  1. fantastic-looking socks. I found your posts by looking up intarsia in the round, and went from your whistler sweater, to your circle socks and now these. I'm a brand new knitter, just started a month ago, knit a pair of socks (yup, I started with socks, because that's *why* I started knitting) and now I'm on my second pair of socks. I want to figure out how to do intarsia in the round because I want to design a pair of socks that will need it, I think. Anyways, I love love love these stripey socks and the circle socks you made. Also, your description of intarsia in the round is the first one I read that made sense to me. Your many photos and the writing was very comprehensible to me. Thank you.


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