Thursday, October 28, 2010

Socktober Progress Report

Clickety Clack, reporting in.

I have finished my first sock. It fits wonderfully and I love it.

I can show you the leg here:

Or maybe here:
Or maybe here:

I don't know what's up with Blogger tonight but I couldn't upload pictures the easy way. And however I figured out how to do it, the formatting is not working. Please bear with me. (Be so distracted by the beauty of the sock that you don't notice the crappy formatting.)

I have started the second sock and am reminded again how much more quickly things go when you've figured out how to do them already. (I.e. I don't need to repeat the mistakes and/or "wrong paths" of the first one.)

I am almost done turning the heel.

I had a knot come up in the yarn 2/3 through the heel so I have a sudden colour change again. Since all these colours are sort of muted and don't make a ready pattern, it's not a big deal. (And I'm kind of relaxed about these things.)

I've been arguing with myself about whether I should let myself be surprised by the stripe colours coming up or take a sneak peak. (While I would never call knitting "boring," there are times it gives you a lot of free brain time to wondering about obscure things if you have a wont to do so.)

Anyway, the top of the ball is rather messy and it's very hard to tell what's coming up, except in a very general sense. (Like "sometime in the future" I'll be knitting that nice dark forest green.) This is the side that I normally see as I knit.

The "bottom" of the ball that I rarely see, however, is very neat and you can see the greens, greys, purples and blues coming, each in turn.

No, now that I think about it: I prefer surprises. It's like magic the way the colour slowly reveals itself to you. There's no sudden jump; it takes almost 1/2 inch to change from one colour to the next.

I'm still hoping to finish this pair in Socktober, but it'll be a close race between my needles and the calendar.


  1. I am amazed at how good the photos look--don't know what you mean by formatting issues.

  2. Yes, the photos themselves seem fine. It's the way they're laid out in the post itself. The ones on the right? They're supposedly set on "center." And I usually write with the text above and below the picture, not beside. But oh well. Good enough is good enough.


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