Friday, October 15, 2010

Socktober Check In

We're half way through Socktober, so I should be done one sock, right? If only!

I was doing pretty well. I was flying through the beautiful colours of the Noro. (You can see it's not really variegated which is what I thought looking at the ball. It's a typical long colour run of Noro.)
I had figured out my tension on the floats so things were going well.

I turned a heel (short-row, in this case):
(Isn't it funny how the colour changed so dramatically just after I turned the corner of the heel? Now it practically looks like I sewed two pieces together!)

Then I was zipping along on the leg:
But after quite a bit of denial, I finally had to admit that the leg was too wide.

It really was too big. So I have ripped it back to the heel and am starting that part again. (There are some increases after the heel in the pattern; I just did fewer of them.)

But before I ripped it back, I weighed the two parts--the sock and the ball. I was starting to get worried about just how tall I could make the first sock while leaving enough for the second sock.

This actually delayed progress for quite a number of days. I can't find my scale. So the poor sock sat around languishing. Finally I gave in and used Troy's scale in the garage. The one he's always telling me to use. It was quite dirty, but I managed.

Anyway, the good news, and I'll type this for the record, is that the sock weighed about 30 grams and the ball weighed 75. That means there's plenty of wool--yeah!!

Now that I'm back on track, I'm hoping this sock will fly again. And hopefully I'm taking good enough notes that the second one won't need as much ripping back!

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