Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lead or Follow Scarf Finished

I have finished my blue lace scarf. The poor, oft-neglected, never top-of-the-list scarf.

With a recipient in mind and a deadline imposed (and a lot of knitting already behind me) I managed to get it knit to a length I liked, cast off, and blocked.

It turned out to not be quite long enough to wrap all the way around the neck, but it'll lay quite nicely with both ends in front.

The lace weight yarn is quite thin, but the scarf is wide enough that it still has bulk enough to be warm. The lace is very soft to the touch. (It is Mmmmmalabrigo, after all.)

I had my mother model it for me before she took it with her. A little ironic since I originally bought the blue lace with her in mind. But she didn't respond too much to the scarf when I showed it to her a year or two ago, and it's a little fussy for her. (Hand wash? Pin flat to dry? Nuh-uh...)

Project Stats
: 26 Jul '09
Finished: 18 Sep '10
Pattern: Lead or Follow by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer ($6)
Materials: Malabrigo Lace in Jewel Blue 32, 1 skein ($12)

I have a conflicted relationship with lace projects. I appreciate their symmetry and geometric properties, but don't usually like the final object as a wardrobe item. Plus once you have the pattern sussed out, it can be a real slog to get the item done!!

On the other hand, I am constantly drawn to lace yarns because of their feel, colours and economy. (You can make a lot of projects from one skein which may be as little as $10--even for the "good stuff.") There have been several lately at Red Purl I've had to reluctantly put down. I'm trying to be practical..

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